Artist with Painting


Parker Bacall

Illustrator, painter, and screen printer based in Los Angeles, CA. I am inspired by subculture, skateboarding, and self-expression. My work is bold in its presentation and meaning I leave things open-ended so that the viewer can fill in the gaps with their own experience.

I have been running a screenprinting project Sentimental Skull for around 2 years. With the focus of the project being on D.I.Y. every piece is conceptualized and hand screenprinted by me.

Recently I have been sharing my work at the Los Feliz Flea Market every other month. I am currently looking for ways to expand the reach of my work and imporve it's impact.

I am always looking to connect with other artists and find new opportunities. If you are interested in anything I do please send me an email in the form below!

If you want to follow my growth please follow me on instagram and subcribe to my newsletter. Thanks for taking the time to look at what I have done so far, it means the world to me.